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This memorial website was created in the memory of our loved one, Steven Orr who was born in Missouri on October 26, 1980 and passed away on August 17, 2006 at the age of 25. We will remember him forever.
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Rembering You   / Nekoda Gerding (Nephew)
As I sit here finishing up my school work, I can't help but think about you. I think about what we would be doing if you were still here today. I think about us either working up at your shop or just hanging out at your house just talking and playing...  Continue >>
Just thinking about you   / Nekoda Gerding (Nephew)
As I lay here and think about my future I always think how life would be different with you here. I think about you all the time especially here recently when my heat wasn't working in my car and I thought to my self if Uncle Steven was here he would...  Continue >>
I love you   / Bradin Orr (son)
To the worlds best dad: I wish you could throw me up in the air. I wish you were here to play video games with me and Dameon. Even though you passed I will always play with you. I love you and you are the world's greatest dad. I wish you would come a...  Continue >>
Thinking of You   / Nekoda Gerding (Nephew)
Well Uncle Steven I am just stopping in to say how much I miss you. I just finished my first year of College at John Wood. I wish you could be here but I know that God took you for a reason and for a purpose. As I bring Bradin down to Memaw and Pappy...  Continue >>
Missing you   / Cindy Gilligan (Wife)
The things that I miss about you still: 1. Those beautiful broad shoulders 2. Your ability to make anyone laugh and I'm sure at any moment 3. Your ability to make me feel like I was your queen 4. Your ability to manuever sliding in snow, mud, etc...  Continue >>
My Essay  / Alex Gibbs-Orr (Son)    Read >>
My Hero  / Nekoda Gerding (Nephew)    Read >>
Basketball / Nekoda Gerding (Nephew)    Read >>
5 years  / Amy Gerding (sis-nlaw)    Read >>
the truck i liked  / Nekoda Gerding (Nephew)    Read >>
First born son  / Jeanna (Mom) Jozaitis (Mom)    Read >>
Christmas Eve Eve  / Sharon Piper (Aunt)    Read >>
Giving Thanks this holiday  / Amy Gerding (sis-in-law)    Read >>
trucks and ice  / Nekoda Gerding (nephew)    Read >>
just thinking of you  / Nekoda Gerding (nephew)    Read >>
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His legacy
Alex - Christmas 2006  
Bradin's First Christmas - 2006  
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Birthday Card from Alex
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